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Why Leadership Matters

America has been a nation that has always controlled events and yet today events control us. Why? Because leadership matters. It matters if we want to restore America's role in the world, find the political will to take on the entrenched special interests that continually stand in the way of fundamental change, reform entitlement spending at every level of government, and ensure that every child, no matter their zip code, has access to a quality education.

We must support candidates who share our vision, people who know that only through strong, bold leadership will we be able to take on these challenges and act on the promise of a better tomorrow for working and middle-class Americans.

Leadership matters if we are going to have elected officials who work each and every day so that our government doesn't stand in the way of opportunity, but creates the opportunity for each and every citizen to succeed.


Leadership matters because unless we deal with government spending on entitlements, the young people of America will get poorer, our economy will grow weaker, and our debt will skyrocket. Learn more here.

Leadership matters because the income of middle-class Americans has not grown for 15 years. Over a third of Americans between ages 18 and 31 are living in their parents’ homes. Taxes have devastated capital investment and job-growth, and regulatory government has throttled our economy. Learn more here.

Leadership matters because for the first time since World War II, Russian troops march across a sovereign European state, and in the holy land, Israeli citizens live in the shadow of the Iranian menace. America's power in foreign policy has been crippled from within our own borders, in Washington D.C. Learn more here.

Leadership matters because the OECD ranks the United States 27th out of 34 countries for math and 20th for science. The quality of our education system is crumbling and the cost of higher education is burying college students under so much debt, it's crippling their future. Learn more here.

Leadership Matters for America PAC is a non-connected political action committee registered with, and reporting to, the Federal Election Commission. Governor Chris Christie serves as the Leadership Matters for America PAC Honorary Chairman.